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Hello All

I would love to share my testimony of conducting a 100% raw juicing journey with you all. 

My name is Andulairah and Im 42 years old and thought I was in relatively good health, but over the past few years, I noticed declining in my health. I had a bout of shingles 2 years ago, and various forms of body inflammation. I have had a problems with a dislocated knee playing tennis 10 years ago, which has remained weak and periodically would flare up. More recently however, I have suffered tachycardia, pre-cellulitis, really bad cracked feet, spider veins, vertigo, plantar fasciitis for years on the right foot (happens to be the leg of weak knee, and pre-cellulitis on my shin) and when I was laying on the guerney very early in the morning for a bout of tachycardia, I thought to myself "Enough is enough". I dont want to be an overweight, sick  and 'old' 42 year old. I was also 114kgs and very lethargic and everything seemed like an effort. 

So that same morning of being in the hospital for the tachycardia, I embarked on a 30 day juice fast 100%. 

I battled with cravings, detox symptoms, which would hit me in ebbs and flows. Sometimes I felt really great, then other times I felt terrible and wished to eat something. I watched a lot of food videos and it probably didnt help, but I did enjoy watching them!

 I still had regular bowel movements throughout everyday on the juice fast but by Day 14, I started getting gurgling, burning pains in my bowels. I couldnt understand it and thought maybe it was from the pineapple or citrus I was consuming. Well what came out of me was shocking. WORMS!  Dead ones, and the smell from this type of bowel movement was putrid to say the least. I couldnt describe the smell of rotted foul smelling death coming out of me. I took pictures and documented it all, and shared it on my youtube channel.


A youtube viewer pointed out to me that cracked feet is a symptom of intestinal parasites and that made complete sense to me--because as I kept passing them out of me, my feet became more soft and silky. I did nothing different except change my diet, as I was still outside working in my garden, wearing flip flops, no moisturizer, exfoliation etc... and I couldnt believe the results. 


Needless to say,  the juice fast was a total game changer for me. I lost 8kgs, absolutely no symptoms again of tachycardia at all. In fact my heart bpm went down from a resting rate of 80bpm to 65bpm over the course of the juice fast. I also had a very painful, red and swollen bout of pre-cellulitis on my shin, and that became all but a small, pain free lump on my shin bone, like there was scar tissue under my skin. If I had done the juice fast longer, perhaps it would have totally gone. 

I know I have a long ways to go but I have come to learn the power of juice and feel happy that I can cure myself of anything with this way of life.  I will embark on incorporating a 95% raw food diet into my life plus 2-3 litres of juice a day. And perhaps embark on an annual juice fast every year in the summer for a 'house cleanse'. 


I went from feeling lethargic, old, unhealthy and inflamed, with a shortness of breath, to feeling invigorated, huge oxygen saturation in my breathing and barely felt like I was working hard when out doing physical labor in the garden.  There are just too many positive aspects to mention and must be tried for yourself if you are suffering. It does take mental effort to get over the fact that you are not eating for 30 days or so but it will be worth the effort. Your body will love you for the time, care, and effort you have made. We all owe it to ourselves in this day and age to take care of ourselves. Just take it meal by meal, juice by juice and be very gentle on yourself. Your body will take care of the rest. 


I have documented all of this journey on my youtube channel, as well as a juicing Ebook diary in hopes that I might inspire others to try the journey with me. It's the best investment I could have done for my body. Going back to the simplicity of nature is all it takes to allow your body to heal itself from the inside out. 

Andulairah's Juicing Paradise EBOOK is available HERE!

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